Most efficient portable HF antenna with automatic tuning

Магнитная кв антенна SPIDERLOOP фото


We took classic Magnetic Loop and made it better. Lightweight and sturdy body, modular design, universal control interface - unique options for most of shortwave antennas


Key characteristics

10-30 MHz band

Antenna covers telegraph and phone bands, as well as many digital radio bands


Total height of antenna doesn't exceed 1 m when assembled. Nothing compared to height of most dipole antennas

Automatic mode

Not semi, but trully automatic mode will set SWR 1.5 and better by applying carrier signal. Works in FM, AM, CW and even SSB!

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Балконная антенна кв диапазона SPIDERLOOP крепление

The definition of low noise HF antenna

Compact design, two mounting types - to minimise or completely reduce HF radio noise.

Built-in tripod mount for vertical placing. Perfect for usage at open spaces

Detachable module allows horizontal installation. Turn it into proper balcony magnetic loop just in a matter of seconds.

Maximum cable length for automatic mode to operate correctly: 50 m

Tripod mount

1/4" ISO 1222

Mount for pipe with outer diameter

25-40 mm


Light and powerful

Light and compact yet powerful. Unreachable combination for most of magnetic antennas

70 W

Peak power

1.5 kg

Total weight

Without proprietary interfaces. Without any excessive cables.

Automatic loop antenna tuner will handle process by itself - it only needs carrier frequency.

Total interoperability 

Rapid tuning

Average tune time when working in close range - 2 sec., when changing band - up to 11 sec.

Manual mode

Use antenna without transmitting devices at all - you can simply tune it by ear.

Universal interface

Compatible with ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood and other transceivers

State indication

Control unit will notify antenna's current state, including stage of tuning process and possible collisions


The best portable HF antenna for camping

When dissassembled, antenna fits in handbag with length less than 0.5 m

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Purchase SPIDERLOOP A100 directly from manufacturer

Also available

at local stores

Technical characteristics

Basic properties


Antenna module

Frequency range: 10 - 30 MHz

Wave impendance: 50 Ohm

Impedance matching (SWR): <1.5

Peak output power: 70 W

Output power (100% duty cycle): 50 W

Frequency (MHz)







Antenna power gain (dBi)








Control unit

Tune time (FM transmition mode): 0.1 - 11 s

Power exceed protection delay: 10 ms

Antenna cable maximum lenght (automatic mode): 50 m

Antenna cable maximum length (manual mode): not limited

Transceiver operating mode (automatic mode): FM, AM, CW, SSB

Power: 12.5 ± 1.5 V, 0.6 A


Standard set

Antenna module

Control unit

Antenna cable (10 m)

Control unit cable (1 m)

Power cable 12 V

Detachable pipe mount